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Tax consulting for private individuals and SME’s

In face-to-face conversations, I get an in-depth picture of my clients’ situation, get to know their concerns and needs, and assess their risk-taking willingness and ability. Thanks to my long-standing, broad experience, I develop the right solutions for unique requirements.

Preparation of complex tax returns

Complex family and asset situations lead to complex tax returns. Patchwork families that receive financial support, families with children in school or professional training, business or property ownership, assets in various cantons or countries, estates, or real estate purchases or sales.

In such cases, I find the optimal solution through networked thinking and broad experience.

International tax consulting

I am proficient in the principles of international tax law and familiar with many tax treaties. I know the options available to foreigners paying taxes at source. I have in-depth knowledge of Swiss tax and social security laws with their special features, and can make it understandable to others.

I support foreigners in all aspects of choosing a place of residence and settling in Switzerland.

Conflict management/mediation

Conflict ties up energy and creates tension.

As an unbiased consultant, I help conflicting parties to recognise the reasons behind a conflict, and support them in finding solutions. Only through understanding our needs and resentments is a viable solution that sustainably improves the relationship and reduces tension between the conflicting parties possible.

Intermediary between clients and authorities

I represent my clients in negotiations with tax authorities and create an atmosphere of trust. With good arguments and solid proof, I convince tax commissioners to use their discretionary scope to the benefit of my client.

Testaments and estate distribution, as well as divorces

Sometimes several individuals with diverging interests have to make a joint decision. As an unbiased consultant I can help find solutions that work for everyone involved.

And sometimes a person has to make decisions that go beyond his or her personal experience. As an expert, I help clarify the legal and financial implications of a decision beforehand, and support my client up to the conclusion of the case.

Support for busy individuals

If needed, I take over all tax and finance activities and tasks for my clients. As their representative, I act on their behalf in contacts with financial institutions and tax authorities; for the client, parents, or other relatives.