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Ana G. Voellmin

Life is full of opportunities. I thrive on finding simple solutions to complex problems. To me, success equals a happy costumer – one that, after visiting us at the ‘Atelier’, goes home feeling relieved and free. I like to argue profoundly on the basis of numbers. While doing so, it is important to me to ensure the costumer’s understanding of the different correlations, for which I like to take enough time.
After graduating from law school, I obtained the diploma ‘Swiss Certified Tax Expert’. Soon I started focusing on consulting small and medium-sized enterprises as well as private persons. Part of my success is surely my practical approach.
With the ‘Atelier for Tax and Finance Consulting’ situated in the Merker-Areal I’ve found the ideal place to put my visions to reality. My life is shaped by multifaceted professional experiences and by my commitment as a single parent.
I like to relax in nature or with a delicious meal surrounded by friends.
My commitment to the Reformed Church is based on my want to work for the common good.


Tanja Tremp

As a strongly family-oriented person, I highly value working with people. I find joy in taking inconvenient tasks off our costumers’ hands and in unburdening them through my work. I like to work reliably and with meticulous precision, preferably in the background. After receiving a basic business education in banking, I worked as an accountant for several companies while also raising my two children. I have been working at the ‘Atelier for Tax and Finance Consulting’ since 2012 – and since then, I’ve always ensured that our costumers are well-advised and looked after.
In order to provide that, I like to improve myself by visiting various one-day seminars and intensive courses. In the middle of August 2019, I was travelling Canada for two months with my husband with the intention of working on my English skills.
What is there more wonderful than to enjoy a good glass of wine at the end of a working day, surrounded by loved ones?


Judith Fehmers

Live is change and motion. If it is not exactly freezing, I come to work everyday by bicycle from Fislisbach – then I am fresh and fit for the whole day. Exercise has always invigorated me, so much so that for a few years I worked as a fitness trainer and bodytherapist. However, now I have returned to my original occupation – of figures and business. That is why I have returned to school every Friday to refresh my bookkeeping and accounting knowledge.
At the Atelier I am working as an allrounder, be it in internal administration or as assistant with my colleagues and also independently as a client consultant doing interviews discussing their needs and advising about solutions.
As health and nutrition are very important to me during my leisure periods, I love food shopping, cooking and enjoying my experiments together with my boyfriend.